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XenForo – это быстрый и удобный форум системного управления. Разработчики этого программного продукта много лет работали над таким хитом, как VBulletin. Поэтому среди приоритетов: высокая скорость, устойчивость к тяжелым нагрузкам, а также расширенная функциональность.

Список изменений на английском.

  • Many importer-related improvements and bug fixes.
  • Prevent errors if the set_time_limit function is disabled. Warn during installation and upgrades if this is true.
  • When cleaning up permissions in the control panel, remove orphaned permission entries to prevent unexected indications that a user/group have custom permissions.
  • Move the page background to p-pageWrapper element to prevent it from shifting when an overlay is displayed.
  • Fix the maximum messages criteria not being evaluated properly.
  • Do not include your own actions in your news feed any longer.
  • Correctly apply nofollow to links in BB code content (staff members links will be followed by default, as in XenForo 1).
  • Update the version of the of the underlying Froala library used by the rich text editor to resolve several issues.
  • Allow the specific sendmail path in use to be configured via config.php.
  • Attempt to prevent errors if the PHP configured path does not include a -t argument.
  • Do not allow global keyboard shortcuts to triggered when focus is in a <select> menu.
  • Prevent animation in certain circumstances to workaround an iOS issue with scrollable overlays.
  • Prevent page jumping on load in Firefox due to single-line textareas.
  • When upgrading, attempt to rename the XenForo 1.x config file to reduce confusion. Add a notice in the control panel if this file still exists.
  • Add a new xf-designer:rebuild-metadata CLI command to rebuild metadata hashes based on the file system content in designer mode.
  • Adjust dynamic redirects when editing a phrase, template and user to be more expected.
  • Prevent a race condition where deleted content could error when being actioned in the approval queue.
  • Ensure that permissions are checked in all scenarios when actioning content in the approval queue.
  • Prevent an error in the approval queue template when a user is being manually approved for non-spam reasons.
  • Remove accidental debug code that was displayed when the forum was set to display new posts by default.
  • Fix a situation where the wrong template would be edited when it shared names with a template of a different type.
  • Ensure that development output is not written when importing an add-on from the release data.
  • Do not maintain p-navEl-link related classes in the off canvas navigation menu.
  • Do not autofocus the status update input when opening the visitor menu.
  • Ensure that the signature link in the visitor menu is only displayed when the visitor has the necessary permissions.
  • Fix an incorrect link in the email bounce notice.
  • Ensure that the normal font weight style property is applied at the root element so changes cascade.
  • Prevent invalid values from being set for the font weight style properties.
  • Fix input stepping and validation with number-limited custom fields.
  • Remove an unexpected unique key on widget definitions.
  • Correct the link to cancel a recurring PayPal purchase.
  • Handle cancelled reversals (such as when you win a dispute) properly in PayPal.
  • Prevent an error if a payment processor callback is received about a user upgrade that no longer exists.
  • Prevent an error in templates if an attachment is rendered when the underlying attachment data record is missing.
  • Prevent an error when saving a custom BB code when associated with an add-on with a long ID.
  • Prevent an error from the tag results cache due to a race condition.
  • Repeat user name and email uniqueness validation when pre-saving to reduce the window of a race condition.
  • Prevent possible errors from getimagesize when provided with an invalid image.
  • Fix an error that prevented searching for users with a specific post count (be that 0 or any other specific number).
  • Automatically close the smilie box when submitting a reply.
  • Fix an error related to the SMF authentication scheme.
  • Fix handling of array-based, multi-file uploads in PHP.
  • Properly catch an error when building an add-on if the minifier service cannot be contacted.
  • Handle failure when attempting to import an RSS feed more gracefully.
  • Ensure that the CLI installer provides a default email if one is not provided.
  • Allow custom code language support to be added more easily.
  • Add support for explicitly closing database connections.
  • Indicate when editing a cron tasks that the times represent UTC.
  • Remove the "s" accesskey from various locations as it can cause conflicts.
  • Ensure that the content of the code BB code is displayed LTR to allow a horizontal scrollbar to be displayed as needed.
  • Slightly adjust the vertical alignment of button icons to make them slightly more consistent across browsers.
  • Update various links to external services to their current URLs.
  • Ensure an image is included in the metadata for a thread.
  • Prevent inline editing from being triggered twice in certain scenarios.
  • Adjust how some JS animations are triggered to prevent problems when trying to cancel/interrupt them.
  • Improve detection of the base URL in certain obscure server setups.

The following public templates have had changes:
  • account_avatar
  • account_two_step
  • account_visitor_menu
  • app.less
  • bb_code.less
  • bb_code_tag_code
  • connected_account_associated_facebook
  • connected_account_macros
  • conversation_list
  • core.less
  • core_blocklink.less
  • core_button.less
  • core_input.less
  • custom_field_macros
  • edit_history_index
  • edit_history_view
  • editor.less
  • editor_base.less
  • forum_new_posts
  • notice_email_bounce
  • payment_cancel_recurring_paypal
  • profile_post_comment_edit
  • quick_reply_macros
  • register_macros
  • thread_view
  • watched_threads_list
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